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AS47778 BGP communities

Document follow format used by the NLNOG Ring Project.

You can find txt style file in

Internal Communities

47778:100Route learned from Upstream
47778:110Route learned from Downstream
47778:120Route learned from Peer
47778:130Route originated in AS47778
47778:100:nnnRoute learned from AS$0

Control Communities


47778:666Blackhole the route globalwide

BGP Path

47778:0Do not announce this route to Upstream
47778:1Prepend 1x this route to Upstream
47778:2Prepend 2x this route to Upstream
47778:4Prepend 4x this route to Upstream
47778:10Do not announce this route to Downstream
47778:11Prepend 1x this route to Downstream
47778:12Prepend 2x this route to Downstream
47778:14Prepend 4x this route to Downstream
47778:20Do not announce this route to Peer
47778:21Prepend 1x this route to Peer
47778:22Prepend 2x this route to Peer
47778:24Prepend 4x this route to Peer
47778:10:nnnDo not announce this route to AS$0
47778:11:nnnPrepend 1x this route to AS$0
47778:12:nnnPrepend 2x this route to AS$0
47778:14:nnnPrepend 4x this route to AS$0

Sunoaki Network LLC is a member of ARIN and MANRS.